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Boost your medical career by working in the UK…

If you’re considering relocating to work in the UK, here some facts to help with this life changing decision.

The country

The UK is a culturally diverse and densely populated country. Out of the 65 million people living in the UK, 7.9 million were foreign-born nationals in 2014. It’s a tolerant society that is culturally and creatively advanced. Although the National Health Service was founded in 1948, the UK has implemented international healthcare recruitment programmes since the 1930s when the first wave of foreign workers was brought into the UK from British colonies.


Whilst both public and private healthcare systems operate in the UK, the public sector provides the majority of the country’s healthcare. With over 1.6 million employees, the NHS alone ranks in the top 5 largest work forces globally and is regarded as the best healthcare system in the world, dealing with over a million patients every 36 hours. In 2014 the UK was rated number 1, out of the 11 wealthiest nations, for healthcare provision (The Commonwealth Fund). In 2014 the NHS employed 150,273 doctors and 377,191 qualified nursing staff. Currently 37% of the doctors registered with the GMC have studied and gained their primary qualification abroad. All this amounts to a wealth of opportunity for people considering the move to the UK.


• Opportunities to work

The NHS is reliant on overseas workers to meet the demand and to bridge skills gaps, especially in A&E, Anaesthetics, Care of the Elderly, Acute Medicine, Respiratory and Radiology. In nursing in particular there are enormous staff shortages: according to the Royal College of Nursing 14% of London nursing posts were vacant at the end of 2014.

• Wide ranging roles

The NHS offers over 60 different specialisms. Opportunities to engage in a wide range of healthcare issues are abundant, together with great chances to further your training and career prospects.

• Exposure to a different culture and practices

Working in another country enables you to experience a new skill set and different medical practices. The chance to stretch yourself and understand foreign values is an invaluable tool throughout your career.

• Opportunities for training and research

In partnership with the royal colleges, there are opportunities for further training throughout all the specialisms, and those working in the UK have access to an unrivalled environment for research thanks to our Universities, the NHS, and the National Institute of Health Research.

• Pay

The pay is good. The NHS works to a pay scale, with extra supplements for additional duties and being on call. The private sector sets salaries according to budget.

• Accommodation

Many NHS hospitals have access to accommodation (mostly for single workers) that is significantly cheaper than UK rental market value to help with the first stages of your relocation.

• Opportunities for women

77% of the NHS workforce is female, with nursing staff accounting for 30% of the total workforce, making the NHS a great environment for women to thrive and succeed.

Working in the UK can provide you with greater breadth of experience, better qualifications, and the opportunity to work in the best healthcare system in the world. At Globalmedirec, we are committed to helping you make the transition easily and we are there every step of the way to ensure that your experience of working in the UK is a success. Globalmedirec has a proven record of providing excellence in healthcare recruitment, please visit our site today for more information,

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